#1linewed – Back

The Haunted Pen - #1linewed, Back

Every Wednesday writers gather on Twitter to submit postings under the #1lineWed (One-Line Wednesday) hashtag organized by the Mystery/Romantic Suspense chapter of Romance Writers of America @RWAKissofDeath.

Some writers post short passages from their work, while others write pieces especially for the theme of the week. Listed below is a selection of my offerings and some of my favorite posts by other authors for this week. You can follow me on Twitter at @dmbauthor

April 13, 2016 – Theme “Back”

#1linewed I heard orchestral music as I walked back into the room, but all I could see was a dusty violin lying on the bare floorboards – 13 Retweets, 30 Likes

#1linewed The air turned cold around me as the icy fingers of death gripped my arm and pulled me back into the darkness – 3 Retweets, 13 Likes

#1linewed I jumped back in horror as I saw a male corpse hanging from a tree, its decaying skin and bones pecked clean by hungry crows – 12 Likes

Favorite Tweets by Other Authors

Anna Priemaza @annab311a
I scrape my heart off the earth, gather its remains into a bloody pile, and press it back into my chest. #1linewed – 32 Retweets, 103 Likes

Larysia @Larysia
He looked back, wishing he had chosen the castles in the sky over the ruin at his feet. #1lineWed – 9 Retweets, 23 Likes

Sydney Scrogham ‏@sydney_writer
I’ll never take him back. I turn, stalk away, stop. The wind whispers around me, it is a lie. My heart is still open. #1linewed – 19 Retweets, 53 Likes


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