#1linewed – Hooks

The Haunted Pen - #1linewed, Hooks
Every Wednesday writers gather on Twitter to submit postings under the #1lineWed (One-Line Wednesday) hashtag organized by the Mystery/Romantic Suspense chapter of Romance Writers of America @RWAKissofDeath.

Some writers post short passages from their work, while others write pieces especially for the theme of the week. Listed below is a selection of my offerings and some of my favorite posts by other authors for this week. You can follow me on Twitter at @dmbauthor

May 18, 2016 – Theme “Hooks (at the end of a chapter)”

The phone went dead, Eva was gone, the room empty without her. I was alone with my thoughts and I wasn’t enjoying the company – 1 Retweets, 7 Likes

I sat up in bed like I’d been hit by a lightning bolt, my heart pounding out of my chest, my lungs gasping for air. #KilledbyDeath – 1 Retweets, 6 Likes

There was never any pity for my victims, no remorse for my evil actions. It’s how I was. I was demonic. #HighwaytoHell – 1 Retweets, 5 Likes

Favorite Tweets by Other Authors

Andrea Contos ‏@Andrea_Contos
She forced her body limp and gave over to the invasion of death. Drowning may have been the easiest thing she’d done all day – 12 Retweets, 33 Likes

Audrey Fae Dion ‏@audreyfdion
She had twigs in her hair and a dirty face, and most alarming of all, she said, “You won’t believe what I found in the forest.” – 20 Retweets, 70 Likes

Katherine Fleet ‏@KatherineFleet
I swayed forward. For a moment, I was weightless, the river rushing towards me, but this time, he wasn’t there to catch me – 11 Retweets, 42 Likes

Retweet and Favorites numbers correct recorded at 18:30om, 5/18/2016


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