Five Ways To Help Your Favorite Authors

The Haunted Pen - Five Ways to Help Your Favorite Authors

Feature as published on the Writers Helping Writers website on May 23, 2016.

Written by Becca Puglisi

As you may have heard, Angela Ackerman and I are in the process of publishing the next books in our thesaurus series: we’re so excited that The Urban Setting Thesaurus and The Rural Setting Thesaurus will be available for purchase June 13th!

Though we’ve been through this process twice already, it’s been almost three years since our last books were released, and it’s surprising how much has changed in that time. In some ways, we’ve had to start from scratch and re-educate ourselves about how the whole thing works. As we’ve looked into giveaways, marketing opportunities at Amazon, how to enhance author bios and profiles at various distributors, etc., we’ve discovered so many ways to maximize our marketing efforts. But we’ve also learned about some new things that we, as readers, can do to support our favorite authors. And because we’re all about helping authors, we wanted to share those with you.

See full version of this feature by Becca Puglisi.


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