How To Turn Your Blog Content Into A Self-Published Book

The Haunted Pen - How To Turn Your Blog Content Into A Self-Published Book
Feature as published on the Authority.Pub website.

“I want to write books, but I’m so busy with my blog that I don’t have any time.”

“How do I use my blog content without making my readers mad because I’m asking my readers to pay for content they get for free on my blog?”

“I’ve written one book, but it hardly made any money, so self-publishing isn’t a great revenue stream for me.”

“I know Amazon has so many rules, and self-publishing seems so confusing and overwhelming.”

These are a few of the responses we received when we asked bloggers their thoughts and challenges related to self-publishing books.

If any of these feel familiar to you, we get it. The process can be confusing and overwhelming. But…please indulge us with a few more minutes of your time here, because we’d like to show you that self-publishing is not only quite doable, it’s particularly doable (and profitable) for you as a blogger.

Click to see this feature in full.

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