Short Story Excerpt – The Road to Hell, Introduction

The Haunted Pen - Short Story - The Road To Hell

Surrounded by a large plantation of trees and a river is a backroad so nondescript it is not marked on any maps of Underwood Falls and its surrounding areas. Lurking at the bottom of that dusty old track, accessed by crossing a weathered, steel-arched bridge, is a large overgrown field. Most of the residents of the town avoid the area, calling it “The Road to Hell.”

Protected by a sturdy fence and thick, heavily rusted gates, the field is the final resting place of hundreds of crashed, stolen and repossessed cars. Long before it became an overrun automotive burial ground, the field was once owned by Underwood Falls resident Chad Reville.

Ever since he was a small child, Chad loved cars. He was born with a wrench in his hand, so it was no surprise when he opened a small garage in the center of town. That was back in the days when you could pick up a set of used tires for $30 and buy used parts for next to nothing to keep your clunker on the road.

Click HERE to read Part One of “The Road to Hell.”


5 thoughts on “Short Story Excerpt – The Road to Hell, Introduction

  1. The excerpt left me totally engrossed, wondering what Jacob’s story was. The author’s storytelling style drew me in and kept me engaged and eager to read on. Counting down for the finished short story. Love the idea of Evil Autos. Could we be seeing a series of short stories from the “boneyard?” Great work!


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