Short Story Excerpt – The Road to Hell, Part One

The Haunted Pen - Purgatory Road1963 – a year to remember. John F. Kennedy was assassinated, Martin Luther King gave his “I Have A Dream” speech and the Chevrolet Impala sitting behind me rolled off Chevy’s Baltimore assembly line. I was 25 and this is where my spirit story and attachment to this car begins.

I married my true love in 1963, my kindred spirit, my Lorna. She was beautiful. Her long dark hair and deep blue eyes turned heads wherever she went, but not always for the right reasons. Lorna practiced dark magic and witchcraft. I was a warlock. We scared people – a lot. We didn’t care though, we were young and in love.

Click HERE to read the Introduction to “The Road to Hell.”


13 thoughts on “Short Story Excerpt – The Road to Hell, Part One

  1. Clearly written by a very talented author, The Road to Hell hits the ground running. Writing in the first person isn’t easy but Dave Burnham has this one mastered. Well done and here’s to the next installment.


    1. Bryan, thank you for the very kind comments. I truly appreciate them. I have a lot to learn where fiction writing is concerned and I was unsure whether to write in first or third person, to the point I wrote this part in both styles and asked my wife, who is also my editor, which one she thought read better.


  2. Love it and recommend this. If you’re looking for an intriguing read, look no further than The Road to Hell. The writing is superb. It offers readers a chance to see the world through the eyes of Jacob Morrison. The description of events leading to Jacob’s death is magical. You will not regret reading and following this story. It pulled me in and kept my attention. I look forward to more from Dave Burnham and the Haunted Pen. I’m sure Jacob’s revenge will be painful for the recipient and anyone else who crosses his path.

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  3. I’m a huge fan of horror stories, I’ve read just about everything by King, Straub and Koontz, so I’m always looking for other talented horror writers. Dave and his haunted pen really fit the bill. The Road to Hell is going to be a great journey!

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  4. WOW ! This author has natural ability. I found myself wanting to read the next installment to follow the development of the main character after his death and the storyline that’s coming next. Dave Burnham does a great job in pulling you into the story with his in-depth descriptions and painting a picture of what I believe could be a difficult and complicated scene – the hanging – to accurately describe. Excellent Job!

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