Scenes From The Haunted Camera – Part One


This may seem strange to some people, but historic graveyards can be very photogenic locations offering myriad combinations of history and atmosphere. I don’t consider old graveyards to be spooky, haunting or intimidating. I find they stir strong emotions.

Some tombstones are works of art with ornate and lavish sculptures. Or they’re eye-catching due to their design, carvings or lettering. Many older gravestones and statues have a weathered look fashioned by centuries of exposure to the elements.

Show the location the utmost respect – this is someone’s final resting place, somewhere sacred. Graveyards represent lives, history and often sorrow.

It’s not my intention to talk about my photographic techniques in these blog posts. There’s a wealth of information just a few keystrokes away on Google if you want to give it a try yourself.

I have more than a haunted pen and I’m not afraid to use it…

Oak Hill Cemetery, Southington, Connecticut


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