Halloween Short Story – Purgatory Road

The Haunted Pen - Purgatory RoadIt was just after sunset and wispy, late-Fall mist was forming in the fields surrounding Devil’s Lake. But Nick Bain had neither the time nor opportunity to appreciate being surrounded by Mother Nature’s beauteous sights. His heart was thumping through his shirt, each beat pounding inside his chest like a hammer trying to break out of his body.

Locked in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse survival with a frightening opponent, Nick’s survival instincts were stretched to the absolute limit. He gave his rear-view mirror as much attention as he dared. Behind him, a battered old Mack dump truck was glued to his rear bumper. Its blazing headlights illuminated the Jeep Cherokee’s interior, the lights reflecting off the mirror, temporarily blinding Nick as he tried to escape the clutches of a madman in a 12-ton truck.

As Nick’s wife, Maddie, slept peacefully by his side, he needed to be ultra-alert if they were going to withstand an onslaught from a deadly adversary who outweighed and out-powered them. It struck him that nothing would stop the truck forcing them off the road.

Was it a prophecy that the suitably named “Purgatory Road” would be the stage for this life-or-death battle? Who knows? But one lapse of concentration, one fatal error, and this could be Nick and Maddie Bain’s last sunset…

Click here to read Purgatory Road in full.


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