Guest Post – What You Need To Know About Potential Laptop Dangers

The Haunted Pen - Guest Blog PostWhile browsing the Internet a couple of days ago I came across an extremely interesting writing website called “Writing and Wellness.” The site belongs to Colleen M. Story, who is “an imaginative fiction and full-time freelance writer living in the great Northwest.”

I have to confess that since finding Writing and Wellness I’ve spent a lot of time reading many of the fascinating articles and now have the site bookmarked on all my devices.

The eye-opening feature highlighted below really caught my eye as I use a laptop for all my writing activities. Please follow the link at the end of the feature to read it in full. While you’re there, grab a coffee and take some time to enjoy Colleen’s website.

Many thanks to Colleen for giving me permission to share her feature with The Haunted Pen’s readers.

I Love My Laptop

The Haunted Pen - What You Need To Know About Potential Laptop DangersI do all my fiction writing and blog writing on it, and I take it with me everywhere. My desktop gets a great workout on my freelance projects and submissions, but for just about everything else, I’m on my laptop.

Imagine my dismay, then, when I read recently that it may not be entirely safe to be holding this thing on my lap for hours a day every day.

I had to get to the bottom of it, not only for myself but for Writing and Wellness readers. We need to know if it’s okay to use these tools directly on our laps or not.

Click HERE to read more of Colleen’s very interesting feature.

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