Blog Share – How to Set Up the Best, Pain-Free Healthy Writing Space

Blog Share - The Haunted Pen

We all know by now that spending too much time in the wrong chair can set you up for a lot of pain.

The answer has to be finding the right chair, right? And there is no shortage of options out there. The gurus of ergonomics have pulled out all the stops to design top-of-the-line, super expensive works of art that support us from every angle and do everything but suspend us in a weightless zone of space so we can work for hours upon hours in complete comfort and get up ready to run the Boston Marathon. All we have to do is just save up enough money to invest in one of these beauties and viola, no more back, neck, hip, and knee pain.

Click HERE to read more of this very interesting feature from Writing and Wellness.

2 thoughts on “Blog Share – How to Set Up the Best, Pain-Free Healthy Writing Space

  1. jmh says:

    Thanks for sharing, Dave! I always have a stiff neck and back from too much time at the computer. I’m trying my best to move more during the day.


    • Dave Burnham says:

      My pleasure. As someone who has back/neck issues from a longstanding rugby-playing injury I make every effort to ensure I can sit for long periods at the keyboard in comfort. I recently bought a new work station to aid this. Like you, I am moving more to ease the muscular stiffness.


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