Flash Fiction – Desperately Seeking Kayla

Flash Fiction - The Haunted Pen

Where the hell was she? Shivers of silent panic swept through my body. My heart thumped. Harder. Faster. Adrenaline surged through my veins, senses on high alert. I’d been searching for more than three hours without success.

We were on our way to the drive-in to watch American Graffiti when my truck crapped out. Pissed, she got out of the cab. She’d vanished before I’d even gotten around to the passenger side. “What the…” I tried calling her on my cell phone. Nothing. No goddamned signal. I waved the phone above my head like a madman swatting a swarm of angry bees as I tried to get a signal. Nothing. Nada. No bars.

Click here to read “Desperately Seeking Kayla” in full.


Thank you. I know time is your most precious resource and I’m very appreciative that you spent some of it reading my work. I welcome all feedback. If you liked a story tell me. If you disliked a story definitely tell me about it. I want to improve as a writer and you are my best resource to do that. Honest reviews are a godsend to all authors – please take a couple of minutes to tell me what YOU think of my work – REVIEWS MATTER!


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