Short Story – Chop Shop

The Haunted Pen - Short Stories

The sky morphed from fiery orange and hellfire red to dense charcoal as the setting sun dipped below the horizon. Gusts of wind howled across the fields like a pack of prowling wolves baying into the night. Jagged flashes of white-hot lightning tore through the sky and loud booms of thunder destroyed the silence as the dark, heavy scent of rain filled the air. Short seconds later, a few drops began to fall before the brooding black clouds unleashed a furious torrent onto the dusty ground below.

Click here to read “Chop Shop” in full.


Thank you. I know time is your most precious resource and I’m very appreciative that you spent some of it reading my work. I welcome all feedback. If you liked a story tell me. If you disliked a story definitely tell me about it. I want to improve as a writer and you are my best resource to do that. Honest reviews are a godsend to all authors – please take a couple of minutes to tell me what YOU think of my work – REVIEWS MATTER!


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