The Dread Files – Chronomentrophobia

The Dread Files - The Haunted Pen
Chronomentrophobia is the fear of clocks or watches. The origin of the word chrono is Greek (meaning time), ment is Latin (meaning means of) and phobia is Greek (meaning fear). Chronomentrophobia is also related to Chronophobia (fear of time).

Chronomentrophobia may comprise anxiety related to punctuality, schedules or other realistic apprehensions. Certain occupations can aggravate this phobia. People who face strict deadlines or punch clocks have an amplified hatred or fear of clocks.

The fear of clocks, may indicate another underlying fear – the fear of death. The phobia represents the fear of time passing. Clocks measure time, and they never stop illustrating the constant passage of time. Our lives are finite, but we do not usually know when the end is nigh. For someone who becomes upset or agitated around clocks, the sweeping second hand can be a constant reminder that time is eternal, but human lives are not.

Anxiety about schedules, punctuality, and other practical concerns can be a part of Chronomentrophobia. However, its root causes may go much deeper than everyday concerns. Usually, a strong and persistent fear of clocks will signal a fear of impending death.

People with this phobia will avoid having clocks in their home environment, and they may choose to check the time in other ways. For example, many people use their cell phones to keep track of the time. Others use their computer. Avoiding the classically shaped, circular clock with its second hand may be difficult, though, and this aversion can have an impact on daily life.

Such phobics can suffer emotionally upon encountering triggers. Clocks can be seen in many places and this can become stressful for a chronomentrophobic person. From the huge clock towers placed at various locations to the innumerable clocks in markets, bus and train stations & shops, a trigger is just a few steps away.

The symptoms of this phobia may include getting depressed when in vicinity of clocks. They may feel panicky and need to leave a place where clocks are present. The ticking of clocks can be a source of great irritation to those with Chronomentrophobia. They may have sensitive hearing that exacerbates this problem. Sometimes, headaches, nausea, and lightheadedness will afflict the victim of the fear of clocks.

Conversely, “clock-watchers” can develop this phobia. Boredom at school or a workplace can be a huge trigger. The seemingly slow passage of time will make this person edgy and apathetic about their life direction.

For many with this phobia, dealing with the fear of clocks will require some element of looking within, and getting at the root of fears. Dealing with this phobia will require time and patience and usually requires psychotherapy. Therapy or panic treatment can go a long way towards easing physical symptoms and allowing for a better life.

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