Book Review – The Fearing (Book Two, Water & Wind) by John F.D. Taff

Grey Matter Press’s spectacular serialization of John F.D. Taff’s “The Fearing” continues with “Book Two: Water & Wind.” Once again, let me say a big “thank you” to Anthony Rivera for the advanced reader copy. I devoured this installment of Taff’s apocalyptic epic over the course of a Sunday afternoon and was taken hostage from the first intense, adrenalin-charged page to the thrilling, nail-biting last page.

A word of warning, before reading “Water & Wind,” read “Book One: Fire & Rain.” This is a must as Book Two picks up the story after the previous installment’s cliffhanger ending and moves the plot forward at breakneck speed as events become even more horrific and frightening.

“The Fearing” is a ‘cinematic’ read that would lend itself perfectly to a TV series. Taff’s vivid writing style does a great job of scaring the bejesus out of the reader with his descriptive writing, and devastating disasters. He has a way with words that keeps you reading, even though what’s taking place in print is horrific.

Here’s the Goodreads/Amazon blurb –

John F.D. Taff’s epic apocalypse of terror, “The Fearing,” continues in “Book Two: Water & Wind” when a group of battle-worn seniors pick up the pieces of their ravaged lives and grapple with survival after the end of the world. And for the first time, they begin to notice an ominous pattern in the deluge of fears now roaming the earth.

Teenagers Kyle, Sarah and Carli sift through the devastation of their lost lives to find anything resembling hope for a future. But when Carli goes missing, the stakes get higher as the search for her takes a diabolical turn.

And the enigmatic Adam retains his tight-fisted grip on his submissive minion Jelnik as a series of unspeakable horrors follow in their wake as the two men travel west toward their dark destiny.

What’s your deepest, darkest, most terrifying fear? I’ll wait.

Now what if that fear manifested itself into real life? A scary scenario, eh? “The Fearing” brings that situation to life with brutal manifestations of the character’s nightmares and phobias, such as catastrophes, and extreme weather. Some of the imagery and fears are predictable, but some will hit you like a runaway train.

The book is a lightning-fast read, not only because of its length, but because Taff pulls you in so deep you can’t help but be invested in the characters. “Water & Wind” ends on an absolute -punch-to-the-gut ending, and by the time you get to this point you realize that Book Three isn’t due to be due released until October. Major league bummer.

John F.D. Taff is a great storyteller. He writes like there’s no rules, it’s game on and he’s having the time of his life dragging his characters, and readers, kicking and screaming through the wringer – that’s why he’s known as the “King of Pain.”

This is an epic read from a true master at the top of his craft. The story will leave you breathless and wanting more. I’m already ticking off the days until “Book Three: Air & Dust” is released.

Here’s the remaining publication schedule:

• Book Three: Air & Dust – October 1st
• Book Four: Earth & Ember – November 11th

If you aren’t reading “The Fearing,” you should be. It’s as simple as that. I’m only halfway through the series, and “The Fearing” is one of my favorite stories of the year. Do yourself a huge favor. Go buy this book ASAP. You’re welcome.

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