Short Story – All…Fall…Down!

A Halloween Treat With No Tricks Attached

Halloween. A time for ghoulish activities like trick-or-treating, costume parties, carving pumpkins into Jack-o’-Lanterns, lighting bonfires, apple bobbing, visiting haunted attractions, watching horror films, and telling scary stories.

I’m always up for a good horror movie (or a bad one), but the last item on the list is where The Haunted Pen swoops in to save the day. Be honest, who doesn’t love to get comfortable with their beverage of choice (Bourbon for me please), and a good horror story on a cold (or wet) Halloween night? You do? That’s awesome because I’ve got a Halloween treat that your dentist won’t scold you for consuming.

I hope you enjoy reading my offering for the Halloween festivities as much as I did writing it.


Blade McGowan white-knuckled the steering wheel. He tried to remain calm as he drove out of the city toward the sanctuary of the hideout. Sweat formed on his brow soaking into his ski mask.

The stolen Mustang’s rear wheels slipped and spun, scrabbling for grip on the wet asphalt. The fat tires finally found some grip and the car accelerated onto the highway like a bullet from a gun, a 420-horsepower killing machine penetrating the night.

McGowan’s accomplice, Killian Sutter, sat in the passenger seat. He peered over his shoulder checking for cop cars through the rear windshield, his nervousness unmistakable.

“Alright Dale Jr., wanna ease off the gas now? This isn’t Talladega. Get us where we need to be in one piece. We’ve got half of Union Springs’ finest lookin’ for us already.”

Click here to read “All…Fall…Down!”


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