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The Haunted Pen - Dave BurnhamHello there! I’m Dave Burnham the head honcho of The Haunted Pen website.

It’s often said and written that writers hear voices in their heads. I have a voice in my head and it never shuts up, I like to believe it’s my muse. He calls himself “Warpig.”

Well, right now Warpig thinks it’s a good idea that he interviews me so that you good folks know a little more about Dave Burnham and The Haunted Pen website.

Warpig – Okay, stop pretending to write and pay attention. Tell us about yourself and be interesting or your wife’s Barbie collectibles turn into angry freakin’ zombies.
I’m Dave Burnham – a.k.a. The Haunted Pen.

We know that already, Einstein. Get on with it before I get bored.
I was born at an early age, back in the days before color TV in Rugby, Warwickshire, England. I now live in New England with my wonderful wife, Kathy. I’m happy to say we have several color TVs. After more than 25 years as a freelance journalist and editor, I switched to writing fiction. I wanted to write the kind of books I enjoy reading – horror and mystery/suspense thrillers. I have a huge pile of unread books and a large notebook full of ideas for stories. I still keep my hand in where editing is concerned, though. I’ve recently been working with Jacqueline LeMaster, “The Mistress of Erotica”, editing a couple of her titles.

The Haunted Pen - Jacqueline LeMaster Testimonial

Okay, so now we’ve established you have a plethora of TVs, why do you write?
There isn’t one definitive answer. I write for many reasons.

Oh whoopee. I’ll get comfy. This is gonna take a while.
I enjoy reading and watching anything creepy, scary, spooky and weird, but that’s more than enough about the Kardashians. I love stories about places or people that trigger my imagination and start a thought process that can lead to a story idea. I write to live out adventures I know I will never experience in my everyday life, like surviving a zombie plague or being a vigilante saving innocent people from an a force named Warpig…

I love creating characters, characters traits and plots. I love other people’s reactions when they read the finished story. I get a buzz out of being proud of something I really care about. Most of all I write because I love it!

Who are your favorite authors?
I’m a big fan of Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Clive Barker and Jonathan Maberry in the horror genre, to name just a few. In the mystery/suspense/thriller genre, Lee Child’s Jack Reacher and Gregg Hurwitz’s Evan Smoak novels top the list. I’m a big fan of “noir” private eye novels, particularly Raymond Chandler’s Philip Marlowe. Last year (2016) I discovered the Cormoran Strike books by Robert Galbraith (J.K. Rowling) and devoured all three of month in the space of a few weeks. I enjoy reading Lawrence Block, James Ellroy, Dashiell Hammett, Christopher Moore, Kathy Reichs and Stieg Larsson among others. Another series of books I like are the titles in the “Hard Case Crime” collection. I also enjoy the work of several “independent” authors such as Tammy Kaelher’s Kate Reilly motor racing mysteries and the horror works of T.W. Piperbrook, J. Thorn, Bobby Adair, Zach Bohannon and J.F. Penn.

Anything you don’t like?
Oh hell yeah, you. I have a major dislike of clowns but love the movie Stitches. I do admit to having a few ideas floating around in my notebook for a horror story or two featuring the face-painted freaks (and chainsaws) though.

Something else that gets my pulse racing is knives. I can watch stabbing or slashing scenes in movies, the sight of blood doesn’t bother me. However, run a knife slowly over flesh in a movie and I’m the guy cringing, closing his eyes and tightening his sphincter to Olympic levels.

What about movies?
I’m a sucker for good horror movies (and bad ones). I love Cockneys vs Zombies, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and World War Z. And if I see a James Bond movie, I always watch it.

Do you listen to music when you write?
I don’t always listen to music when I write, but when I do, it’s Motörhead.

Thanks, I’d like to say that was fun but I’d hate to tell a lie. Now get back to writing something decent, you slacker. Where’s the beer?


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