The Dread Files – Oneirophobia

The Fear of Dreams Dreaming is part of the normal cycle of sleep. We may or may not remember our dreams depending on the state of sleep or how deep our sleep is. Most of us wish other people sweet dreams when we bid them goodnight, or our parents would tell us ‘sweet dreams’ when … Continue reading The Dread Files – Oneirophobia


Happy Horrordays

Merry Christmas from The Haunted Pen. I hope you have an awesome holiday with your family and friends and an even better 2019. If my use of the word “Christmas” offended you, get over it, you’ll have a long wait for me to apologize for saying Christmas. Ah, Christmas (oops, I said it again) - … Continue reading Happy Horrordays

The Dread Files – Frigophobia

Frigophobia – an exaggerated or irrational fear of cold Frigophobia is a phobia pertaining to the fear of becoming too cold. Sufferers of this problem bundle up in heavy clothes and blankets, regardless of the ambient air temperature. This disorder has been linked to other psychological disorders such as hypochondriasis and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Definition Frigophobia … Continue reading The Dread Files – Frigophobia