Window to the Soul

A woman’s beauty lays in her eyes, the doorway to her heart, the window to her soul. As I stare into your smoldering glacier blues, I know you’re the one. My soulmate, my life. When I look into your eyes I see everything I want in this world. They excite me, inspire me, devour me. … Continue reading Window to the Soul


The Dread Files – Staurophobia

Fear Of Crosses Or The Crucifix During the Easter holiday Christians will speak reverently of the cross and the symbolism of sacrifice. In the time of Roman occupation the Jerusalem crucifixion was the most despicable way to die. Perhaps that’s why some fear the cross. While the cross is a symbol of suffering and death … Continue reading The Dread Files – Staurophobia

A Conversation with Dacre Stoker and JD Barker about DRACUL

To be published on October 2nd, DRACUL is a supernatural-thriller prequel to Dracula written by J.D. Barker and Bram Stoker’s great-grandnephew Dacre Stoker. Ahead of the release date, Barker and Stoker talked about their collaboration. Why did you decide to write this novel together and what was the process of writing as a team? How … Continue reading A Conversation with Dacre Stoker and JD Barker about DRACUL