20 Tips to Proofread Like A Professional

Proofreading. Some writers love it, some writers despise it. But whatever your feelings, proofreading is your final task when preparing to share your words with the world. Writers often read their words the way they believe they wrote them, not how they actually wrote them. This means spelling mistakes, typos and grammatical errors, such as … Continue reading 20 Tips to Proofread Like A Professional


Book Review – The Doll by JC Martin

The Doll is a graphically written creepy short story that packs a big punch into its 30 or so pages and will leave you with a healthy distrust of dolls. In my opinion, JC Martin’s gem is a must-read for any aficionado of horror stories. While it’s not the most groundbreaking story I’ve ever read … Continue reading Book Review – The Doll by JC Martin

The Dread Files – Automatonophobia

Automatonophobia can be loosely defined as the fear of wax figures, ventriloquist's dummies, humanoid robots, animatronic creatures, audio animatronics or other figures designed to represent humans. Only rarely does the fear become a full-blown phobia, but it is relatively common to experience hesitation or nerves when confronting these figures. Causes of Automatonophobia It is currently … Continue reading The Dread Files – Automatonophobia


She called again. She’s creeping us out. Why now? “I forgive you, daddy. I’m so sorry. Why can’t we be a family like before? I’m so lonely.” It’s been so long. So much time. I’ll admit it, we’re freakin’ scared. How did she manage to find us? How did she get our number? The last … Continue reading Lilith