The Dread Files – Selaphobia

What is Selaphobia? Do you have a fear of flashing lights? Flashing lights are annoying and disturbing for a lot of people. There are some who become extremely anxious when witnessing flashing lights. This dread-inducing feeling is called Selaphobia - the fear of flashing lights. Selaphobia is derived from the Greek word “selas”, meaning “light.” … Continue reading The Dread Files – Selaphobia

What I’m Working On

A couple of weeks ago, I said to myself, “Self, Halloween’s just around the corner. You really need to stop watching old episodes of ‘Ghost Adventures’ and saying “Dude, something touched me, bro”, break out the haunted pen and write a short story in celebration of All Hallows Eve.” Inspiration came while watching an edition … Continue reading What I’m Working On