Quiet people have the loudest minds.” – Stephen King

Here are a few links to some of my stories. Please click on the title to view. I’ll be adding more from time to time, so check back in to see if there’s anything new.

100-Word Stories

Window to the Soul
The Watcher

Flash Fiction

You Can’t Always Get What You Want
Shooting Star
A Walk On The Beach – D Day Remembered

Short Stories

He’s Making A List
Purgatory Road
The Mask That Always Smiles…


Thank you. I know time is your most precious resource and I’m very appreciative that you spent some of it reading my work. I welcome all feedback. If you liked a story, tell me. If you disliked a story, definitely tell me about it. I want to improve as a writer and you’re my best resource to do that. Honest reviews are a godsend to all authors – please take a couple of minutes to tell me what YOU think of my work – REVIEWS MATTER!


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