Thank You

Mum and DadI would like to say a heartfelt “Thank You” to the people who have made my writing dreams become reality.

First of all, my wonderful parents, Barbara and Jack Burnham, sadly no longer with us. My love of writing comes from my love of reading and that comes from these two amazing folks. I’ve got a grin a mile wide as I type this remembering the weekly visits to the town library with Mum and Dad for me to choose a couple of books to check out – one for me to read alone and one for Dad to read to me. We would then walk through the building to the main library so Mum could stock up on Mills and Boon romances and Dad could get his weekly fix of books by authors like Alistair Maclean and Nevil Shute. Since then, I read all genres of writing. Thanks, Mum and Dad, I love and miss you both every day.

The biggest influence in my writing is my wonderful wife, advisor, and editor, Kathy. Her help, encouragement, advice, and support are invaluable. My sincere thanks to you sweetheart, you’re the reason I love what I do.

No two writers write the same way. Some outline, some don’t. Some writers draft with a pen and paper, some hit the keyboard from the first word. Some prefer complete silence, others listen to music. I’m one of the latter group and for that, I want to thank the late, great Lemmy from Motorhead, Freddie Mercury, and Jimi Hendrix for the many hours of listening pleasure as I labor over my words.

Finally, I want to raise a glass to Bulleit Bourbon, Jim Beam, Jack Daniels and Tito’s Handmade Vodka for outstanding work in their respective fields.


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