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Thank you for visiting my official website. I’m Dave Burnham and I’ve got a “Haunted Pen.” I’m a weaver of words and producer of prose.

The site contains the latest information on my amazing journey producing short stories and novels in the thriller and horror genres.

Please take some time to look around. I hope you’ll check in often to discover more about my writing.


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Because the right words are better than a 1,000 pictures…

“Excellent story. The tale is very well constructed, well written and scary but not in the typical gory way. Kept me very entertained, I savored each and every word.”
Steven Grant on “Purgatory Road

“WOW! This author has natural ability. I found myself wanting to read the next installment to follow the development of the main character after his death and the storyline that’s coming next. Dave Burnham does a great job in pulling you into the story with his in-depth descriptions. Excellent Job!”
Maria McIntosh on “The Road To Hell

“A very well written horror and mystery story from a talented author. This is the second story by the author that I’ve read and he definitely has a gift for words. The story is spooky as hell. Fans of Christmas horror stories will love it. Recommended!”
Katherine Burke on “He’s Making A List

“Love and recommend this. The writing is superb. It offers readers a chance to see the world through the eyes of Jacob Morrison. The description of events leading to Jacob’s death is magical. You will not regret reading and following this story. I look forward to more from Dave Burnham and the Haunted Pen.”
Michael Penn on “The Road To Hell

I don’t always listen to music when I write,
but when I do, it’s Motörhead.
RIP Lemmy.