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Cathartic Screams

This paranormal collection by Severance Publications features my gothic horror tale “Nevermore.”

Synopsis – “A tyrannical father of supreme wealth exerts a stranglehold over his daughter Isabella. Choosing a suitor of the peasant class, he forbids her to see him. After having his staff detain the man, the couple can no longer elope, their lovelorn mentality consumes them. An ethereal conversation reveals far more to the story.”

Available now on Amazon.



The right words are better than 1,000 pictures…

“Sweet! A breath of fresh air!”
DarcWorX on “You Can’t Always Get What You Want

“I loved it. Those monks looking up the definition of ‘celibacy’ on Google nearly made me laugh out loud! More, please!”
Agnieszka Hałas on “A Bad Case of Death – When Drebin Met Marlowe


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