Book Review – Chainsaw by John Bender

Confession time. If it hadn’t been for an interview with John Bender on the Cedar Hollow Horror Reviews website, I may not have been aware of him and his excellent taste in Motorhead shirts. During the course of the interview he spoke about his writing and his novella “Chainsaw.” I was intrigued enough to buy a copy for my Kindle Fire and sat down to read it yesterday evening with a cool beverage in hand.

The Goodreads / Amazon synopsis of the story is as follows:

The Haunted Pen - Chainsaw by John Bender “Randy Lee Travis and James Taylor Gunderson are white-trash outlaws. These men share a passion for old Burt Reynolds movies, and they share a dream.

If they can scrape the cash together, their dream just might come true.

A daring heist. A crazed farmer and his cult. The effects of a flashlight blow to the skull.

All of this, and more, set to the raspy howl of a…


All I can say is I’m so pleased I took the time to read the interview and buy the book. It’s the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time. “Chainsaw” is a laugh a minute, violent as hell and an absolute blast that horror fans will enjoy.

I laughed out loud at the antics of Randy Lee and JT as they try to acquire the money to buy a “Smokey and the Bandit” Trans Am Firebird. Our less-than-bright heroes decide to rob the local bank and use a chainsaw that Randy had “acquired” from Farmer Bender. Needless to say, Bender is none-too-happy about losing his prized chainsaw. Unknown to the boys, Bender is as close to a cult leader as a guy can get and what follows can best be described as pure, gut-spilling horror that blends 70s/80s exploitation violence, comedy, colorful language, oddball characterization, a little abusive brotherly love, and chainsaw mayhem into a quick and fun read.

The story had me laughing all the way through as Randy Lee and JT stumbled from one disaster to another. I couldn’t wait to see what bad things would happen next and I was pleased to see another installment teased at the end.

Bravo John. Thank you for the entertainment.

The Haunted Pen Rating:

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